The Lack of Dental Coverage in Healthcare Plans

Obamacare Dental Plan Joke

Under Obamacare, dental coverage is either “embedded” in medical Qualified Health Plans (QHPs) or sold as stand-alone products. But the cost of a standalone dental plan is not factored into individuals’ financial subsidies on their healthcare exchanges. Dental coverage is also hard to find in Medicare Advantage plans. Here’s why.

The HMO Executive

Health insurance is a very competitive industry. To make it big, one must be highly intelligent, a great strategic planner and problem solver, and have a lot of drive and energy. If you want to be an HMO executive, be prepared to work over seventy hours a week in an extremely high-stress environment. You’ll also have to miss a lot of your kid’s ballet recitals and crossword puzzles.

An HMO accounts clerk had a cabin in the West Virginia mountains where he would vacation every summer. He would invite a friend from Czechoslovakia to stay in the cabin with him. One summer, while they were picking berries in the forest, they stumbled upon two huge bears. The accounts clerk ran for cover, but the friend wasn’t as fast. The male bear grabbed the friend and ate him alive. The accounts clerk was very upset about the whole ordeal. He told the president of his company.

The Banker

A true-life story of two black businessmen, The Banker stars Anthony Mackie and Samuel L. Jackson as real-life entrepreneurs Bernard Garrett and Joe Morris. The duo recruited a white man to act as their front in order to circumvent the racist banking practices of the 1950s and ‘60s.

Nolfi’s film does a fine job of telling this inspiring tale and the performances are top-notch. But it’s a wonky drama that feels like a deep-dive magazine article in movie form.

In fact, the story is so wonky that Apple TV+ canceled the premiere of The Banker at AFI Fest and ended up closing out the festival with Netflix’s “Marriage Story.” The film’s director and one of its producers, Bernard Garrett Jr., has been accused of rape by his half-sister and denies the allegations. This off-screen controversy has arguably tainted the film’s message and, at the very least, dulled its luster. But it doesn’t stop The Banker from making its points.

The Patient

There is a new Special Enrollment Period (SEP) from 1/16 – 10/31, which enables consumers to enroll into Marketplace coverage without having a qualifying life event. However, in order to receive an Advance Premium Tax Credit (APTC) consumers must meet all other marketplace eligibility requirements.

This SEP is only available for those who live in a state that uses the federal exchange or who are self-employed and do not offer affordable employer-sponsored insurance. To determine if you can use this SEP, click here. For those not eligible for this SEP, it is still possible to enroll in the Marketplace through a regular enrollment period.

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